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The Ellita Nonprofit Association was created in November, 2012, with Petia Vassileva as the Director. The association was registered on the 28th of November, 2012, in the District Court of Veliko Tarnovo.


Ellita Association’s top priority is to popularize traditional Bulgarian art, culture and sports throughout the country and abroad. This results in the organization of various concerts, festivals, international, regional and national competitions, symposiums, musicals, tours around the country, educational seminars in singing, dancing, arts and crafts, culture, and many more.


Ellita’s team focuses on discovering new connections and finding assistance in the eyes of both profit and nonprofit organizations. This includes international partnership and cooperation with similar associations.

One of the main goals of the association is to discover young music artists, singers and musicians and support their personal and professional growth. We believe that it is of crucial importance for every young performer to develop all performance skills and practices, such as correct diction, articulation, expansion of the vocal range, stage presence, etc. Thus we make it our goal to work with the only the best specialists who would adapt the artists to the big stage and provide them with the necessary moral and material support.

All children receive individual training and are divided into age groups:


  • 6 year olds
  • 6 – 14 year olds
  • 14 – 18 year olds
  • 18 and higher